Retired NFL Stars Find Absurd New Callings in Super Bowl Ad for

Meet Brett Favre the butcher and Terrell Owens the baker is gearing up to make its Super Bowl advertising debut, and it has tapped five storied ex-NFL stars—Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris—to help introduce the Web company to mainstream America.

Franco Harris is the life of the party. | Photo:

"It's the biggest stage, and we're not just doing a straight TV advertising campaign. It's a huge U.S. audience, and we want to let them know who we are as a company," said Eric Mason,'s U.S. director of marketing communications.

The Tel Aviv-based website development company launched in 2006, priding itself on making the site-building process simple with drag and drop tools. Designed for small businesses trying to create a digital presence, it has grown to 58 million users globally, with the U.S. being the largest market. started doing TV commercials in 2014 but felt it was time to make a huge national splash. It hired Committee L.A. to help come up with its campaign #ItsThatEasy. The creative tells the tales of the five former NFL players, each attempting to launch his own fictional business venture.

Larry Allen strong-arms cars. | Photo:  

To build buzz for its 30-second spot, Wix will create websites for each of the athletes' "businesses" as well as release Web video shorts featuring the football players. A clip for Owens' fictional pie-baking company debuted on Wednesday (see below), and more teasers will come out leading up to the Big Game. Photos sent to Adweek suggest Favre is a butcher, Harris will go into event planning, Allen is getting to know cars, and Smith gets a little bit country.

Mason didn't disclose how much Wix will spend on the Super Bowl campaign but said it was a "significant amount of money." However, the company felt that with the growth of online and mobile technology, it was important to have a robust digital presence in addition to the TV commercial.

"There's fewer people watching the Super Bowl commercials traditionally, and there's so many other channels in which to tell your story," Mason said. "There are expanded opportunities to start a narrative that goes beyond the Super Bowl. Digital is a magnifier, not a limiter." 

Terrell Owens makes a mean pie. | Photo:

Emmitt Smith has learned a step or two. | Photo: