Rethink Rooftops with Urban Farm Project

When we think of cities we usually picture concrete and steel — not exactly the kind of environment where anyone expects nature to find a place. This duo behind this week’s featured Kickstarter project, Seeing Green: The Value of Urban Farms, want to change our expectations about what the typically barren landscape of a modern city is capable of producing.

Seeing Green is a research project that’s been designed in order to set out a template for how we can adjust to urban life without leaving nature behind. It’s the result of Brooklyn, NY based Tyler Caruso and Erik Facteau’s studies and experiments in rooftop gardening, a long-practiced tradition that has become increasingly relevant in light of our current environmental crisis.

The project will take place over one full year and will see the two men measuring the potential of two pre-existing sites, Brooklyn Grange and Added Value. Seeing Green‘s ultimate goal is the establishment of a scientific basis by which future rooftop gardens could be built and, hopefully, supported by municipal policies.

Caruso and Faceteau need help to see their research through. The $12,000 goal of their Kickstarter project is required in order for the pair to purchase the equipment used in their research (a full list of the gear, broken down by price, is available through the project page).

For more information on Seeing Green: The Value of Urban Farming, head over to its Kickstarter page or see an example of the project in action at Brooklyn Grange. Funding will take place on Sunday, June 12th at 12.34am EST if the $12,000 goal is met.