Retailer Targets Young Adults With Sh*t Old Men Say

American Giant puts ad spend behind playful video

American Giant is running Facebook and Twitter ads during the next few weeks to push a 90-second online video that features a handful of male senior citizens lamenting the ways of modern youth.

One of the video's better moments involves an elderly gentleman commenting on young men and their droopy pants: That's what belts are for! The video, dubbed "The Old Man Film" and created by agency Cutwater, went live three days ago while generating 44,000 views so far.

American Giant, which makes sweatshirts aimed at young men and women, hopes its paid social promos generate additional interest in the spot through mid-September. The San Francisco-based e-commerce startup also plans to run display ads for the juxtaposed-leaning appeal, which entails a "Don't Get Comfortable" tagline.

Meanwhile, wouldn't it be interesting to hear what these old-timers have to say about Miley Cyrus today?