Resumé Gems

For the past week we’ve been sifting through a large virtual pile of resumes and cover letters from all over the world. This week will be more of the same as we test out applicants — some of whom you’ll begin to see on the site as we narrow down our candidate pool. Though we specified that applicants be Washington-based, that hasn’t dissuaded applicants from as far as Japan and India from writing us. There’s even a deep Barbadian Buddhist in New Hampshire who has thrown her hat into the ring. We like that go-getter mentality. In this gratifying process — and we’re elated so many people wrote in — we’ve discovered beautifully creative writers and a spectacular mishmash of bloopers and shockers that might give a potential employer hives.

Spelling Errors: When applying for a writing position, probably not the best idea to do it in my name or in the first word. We had both happen many times over. I became “Besty” twice in one day. One applicant wrote, “Dear Michelle.” Another spelled my surname like this: Ruothstein.

You did WHAT? While one woman won a jellybean counting contest at Trader Joe’s (she included it in the Awards section of her resume) one man stressed his passion for community service and working with the Eagle Scouts. Another worked at NASA (space experience could prove quite helpful on FishbowlJupiter). And another applicant specializes in multitasking. Unfortunately this doesn’t involve balancing a peach on his nose while writing FishbowlDC items, thinking up Separated at Births and interviewing someone for the Friday FBDC Interview.

We’ll share more as the week wears on.