Resume Advice from Rick Owens

Hey, job seekers! Looking for a gig in the fashion world? Put down the glue stick and ditch that novelty hole punch. Even high drama fashion designer Rick Owens can’t abide an avant-garde resume. “Not to put young people down, but I get portfolios and I get applications and CVs that have images…and like collages and stuff,” he told Hint in a recent video interview at his Paris showroom. “And what the fuck am I going to do with a collage? I can do a collage. I need old people who know how to make things.” Other wisdom to be gleaned from the sit-down? Clear your head and die a little with a nap! Owens takes one daily. “Partly just to recharge but also there’s a little escape in it,” he explains. “I get oversaturated in having to communicate with a lot of people all day, so it’s kind of an escape in the middle of the day to kind of have privacy again—complete privacy. It’s kind of a mini-suicide.”