Restaurant That Had Major Profanity-Laced Meltdown via Facebook Now Says it Was Hacked

At some point, back-peddling is no longer a viable damage control option. We’d say that point comes somewhere between screaming obscenities in all caps at critics via Facebook, and hurling vague threats while claiming to be a superhero backed by God himself.

Yeah, that happened.

After Gordon Ramsay of reality show “Kitchen Nightmares” declared Arizona restaurant Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro so horrible that even he couldn’t help the owners rescue their establishment, those owners, Amy and Sammy, took to social media to bite back at critics. Here are a few of the most…um…interesting Facebook posts (if you’re offended by the F word, you should probably stop reading):

Now that the owners of the bakery have apparently had a moment to breathe, they are claiming that all of the above sputtering, threats, and bizarre claims of divine intervention were in fact let loose into the Facebook universe not by them, but by some mystery hacker. While we suppose this could be true, few people are buying the “It wasn’t us!” claim, and the likelihood of a comeback from such a fiasco is slim.

We think the PR lesson in all this is pretty clear — while the temptation to respond to criticism on social media is something we can all relate to, it’s generally a good idea to craft a calm, well-thought-out, professional statement, even if the criticisms being hurled in your direction are childish or cruel. Stooping to their level — or, in this case, to an entirely new level of crazy — will likely leave you scrambling for damage control measures to undo your damage control. In short, don’t feed the animals. And please, leave God — and Wonder Woman — out of it.