Restaurant Owner Tells Off No-Shows On Twitter

Ever make a reservation and then not show up for whatever reason?

It’s bad manners, certainly – and could really ruin a hostess’ night (we imagine).

But if you’re one of these ‘short on etiquette’ folks, take note: Don’t even THINK about doing that at this restaurant in L.A., unless you want to get shamed for it on Twitter.

There’s a popular Vietnamese restaurant, Red Medicine, that has had it UP TO HERE with no shows:


Business Insider reports Red Medicine owner, Noah Ellis, has taken responsibility for the tweets.

Ellis talked to LA Eater about his rant.

“It’s always been a problem here (at the restaurant and in LA as a whole), but it’s tricky — those restaurants that overbook to protect themselves punish the guests who show up on time for their reservations, but not the people who no-show,” Ellis told the blog. “I was frustrated, so I blew them up.”

Some people are ticked about it on Yelp:

And on Twitter the reaction is mixed:

Grub Street LA tracked down one of the no shows and he/she apparently had a death in the family and didn’t put “canceling a dinner reservation” on the top of the to do list, but (as Red Medicine pretty hilariously points out), how likely is it that ALL of them had an equally compelling event?


Grub Street LA also reports that online controversy is nothing new to this restaurant. They ‘outed’ an anonymous food critic in December of 2010, posting her previously unseen face on the Red Medicine blog – after tossing her from the restaurant!

asked her and her party to leave, as we don’t care for her or her reviews.

Our purpose for posting this is so that all restaurants can have a picture of her and make a decision as to whether or not they would like to serve her. We find that some her reviews can be unnecessarily cruel and irrational, and that they have caused hard-working people in this industry to lose their jobs — we don’t feel that they should be blind-sided by someone with no understanding of what it takes to run or work in a restaurant.

If you like your restaurants with a side of attitude, this is your place! 

So what do you make of this place and how it handles situations? Are they on the fast track to failure or success?

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