A Closer Look at Restaurant City and Pet Society on iOS

Pet Society: Vacation’s Facebook Integration

In Pet Society: Vacation players decorate and care for both their pet and the pet’s boathouse on a tropical island. The player can also visit themed stores to buy food and decorative items, and visit friends’ boathouses to care for their pets. A diving mini-game lets player guide their pet through an underwater maze in search of more currency and decoration items.

The only content that is transferrable between the Facebook and iOS versions are the physical characteristics of their pet. Money is not transferable as the Facebook game uses Facebook Credits while Vacation uses Apple’s in-app payments system. There are, however, rewards for players who use both version of the game. iOS players can unlock content for the Facebook version and Facebook players get rewards when they first download the iOS version. More advanced players coming from the Facebook edition get a currency bonus and a trophy item in Vacation. As they progress through the iOS game, they’ll also unlock themed items in the Facebook version.

Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition’s Lack of Facebook Integration

Restaurant City will come to iOS in a faithful port of the Facebook game subtitled “Gourmet Edition.” Though the game uses Facebook Connect to find friends, it does not have integration with its Facebook parent.

In Gourmet Edition, players follow the same gameplay pattern established in the original — learning recipes, cooking meals, serving customers. Progression is rated by “themes” that the player unlocks as they become more skilled in recipes and satisfy more customers. The themes are oriented by country (e.g. French, Japanese, etc.) and contain both recipes and decoration items for the restaurant venue. Players can visit each others’ restaurants for light socialization and the game is monetized both through a premium currency and a standard currency to spend on decoration items.

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