Respond to Charles and Ray Eames for Fun and Profit

Our pals and the good people at Core77 have put together a fun contest, sponsored by Herman Miller and the Eames Office: the Powers of Ten: A Video Response Design Competition. In it, they’re asking for responses to Charles and Ray Eames‘ iconic short film from 1977 of the same name (even though, assuming you’re worth your weight in design lore, you should have already seen it at least a dozen times before, we’ve posted the original below, just in case). While the Eames’ had nearly 10 minutes to zoom in and out of the universe, for your submission, you’ll only have two, so either make it quick or head off in a different direction. The judging panel includes the MoMA‘s Paola Antonelli, filmmaker Gary Hustwit, and the current head of Eames, and their namesake’d grandson, Eames Demetrios. You have until January 10th (which you already know happens to be this writer’s birthday), so get to thinking and making (and buying an expensive birthday present).