reShoot video storytelling app launches on iOS


Wally World Media has launched reShoot, its video storytelling app on iOS. The app allows users to shoot, combine and edit video clips into longer stories, using both old videos and newly captured footage from the back and front-facing cameras. reShoot was built around two ideas: mobile video projects should be open-ended, and quick-fixes to videos should be painless.

reShoot allows users to create a project, and then combine multiple video clips into a single timeline. Users can insert old video clips from their camera roll, shoot new footage from within the app, and edit clips by cropping or removing any segment within the timeline. The app’s “reShoot” feature allows users to overwrite any video they don’t like, in cases where mistakes were made or something simply isn’t perfect.

“Clipping together and editing videos can be painful and time consuming, and most people never get around to it,” said Darin Myman, CEO of Wally World Media. “reShoot lets the user leave video projects open, stop and restart videos with ease and easily create their personal highlight reel over any period of time.”

The app offers instant previews, without finalizing the video project, and users can insert commentary using the front-facing camera. In addition, the app’s videoArc feature allows users to add new footage to projects that were previously already saved to the camera roll.

“reShoot enables almost anyone to be a film producer without requiring editing skills; and by doing this we have unlocked mobile video’s real potential,” added Myman.“ Whether you need to make a video to sell your car or just capture life’s important moments, it’s now easy with reShoot. It is how we believe all video cameras should work.”

reShoot is available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.