Researchers Believe Placebo App Can Be as Effective as Real Placebo

A placebo app may be a hard pill for your brain to swallow, but it’s  fairly innocuous and relatively simple. How does a virtual placebo even work? As it turns out, placebos have been shown to be effective despite users being told a placebo was being used. Harnessing this mental illusion is the key to making your smart phone a virtual medicine cabinet, one that could travel with you so long as you have your phone.

If this idea strikes you as palpable, then you might be the right candidate for the Placebo Mobile App campaign on Indiegogo. The project is seeking to raise the necessary funds for Android and iPhone apps. The app allows you to select and personalize your placebo – along with alerts for you to take them at an appointed time.

Obviously the strange thing about intentionally taking a virtual placebo is that it’s a virtual form of an imitation. A simulation of a fake. Mind over matter though right?

Whether you want to receive a placebo magic wand from Gandolf in the dark of the night while he says abra cadabra, or you want to receive a placebo from your mother in your childhood home while she sings her favorite song, you can create the perfect placebo ritual for you!