Research: U.S. Adults Feeling Recession’s Impact, But Optimistic About the American Dream

PR firm Solomon McCown & Company and Anderson Robbins Research partnered to poll 1,009 U.S. adults about their values and outlook on life, finding that the country has developed “A New Normal.”

According to the survey, 74 percent of Americans feel they have achieved the American Dream, but that realization takes a better work-life balance and overall happiness into greater account.

A total of 83 percent of respondents said a happy marriage was very or extremely important, and 77 percent said a long and happy retirement are critical. Only 46 percent said “being successful in a high-paying career” was very important, coming in last place among eight items.

Also high on the list of desireables are money (51 percent), time (45 percent), honesty (44 percent), and work ethic (37 percent).

The populace has also felt a huge impact from the recession. More than two-thirds (68 percent) said they’re more thrifty and 61 percent said they’re more worried. A quarter of people said they had recovered from the recession while 41 percent said they have a ways to go.

“I think what’s important about the new normal for PR practitioners is the value foundation that we use to engage amd motivate people has changed,” founder and CEO Helene Solomon told us over the phone. Solomon said things like the need for corporate transparency, the high value placed on a good sense of humor, and a changed outlook from feeling the economic pinch should shift the ways that PRs are communicating with audiences.

Below, we have a clip about the survey’s findings that’s best viewed with glow sticks. More here.