Research Shows You Should Be Pitching Video

For the third year, D S Simon Productions conducted its Web Influencers Survey, which takes a closer look at the use of video at media organizations. The survey found a big increase in the amount of third-party video that online media organizations are using.

This year, 84 percent of respondents said they’re using a combination of outside video clips and original video content on their sites. That’s an increase of one-third versus last year. Ninety-four percent of respondents from radio said they use outside video content, with magazines (93 percent) and newspapers (86 percent) following behind.

Since everyone is doing it, we’ve got video here from Daphne Guinness’ visit to the Barney’s window yesterday. She walks out in the gown she wore to The Met’s Costume Institute gala. Strangé!

The survey also found that sites are looking for advertising, advertorials, and product placement. Basically anything anyone will pay for. Sixty-eight percent of magazine respondents said they’re open to this sort of content followed by radio (50 percent) and Web producers (47 percent). Participants from TV were the least responsive to this (31 percent). Makes sense.

D S Simon surveyed more than 1,000 people at magazines, newspapers, websites (producers and bloggers), and broadcast outlets. The full survey is available here.