Research In Fast Charging Batteries

Despite all of the advances in mobile technology over the last seven years, one thing that has not seem to change much are batteries. The majority of the effort in extending battery life is being spent on getting mobile devices to use less battery power, therefore allowing the batteries to last longer.
We haven’t seen much change in how batteries hold a charge so they last longer. Consequently to make a battery provide longer periods of time they tend to be larger and heavier. It seems to me that for mobile technology to expand into even more uses there needs to be a breakthrough in batteries.
If we do need to frequently recharge batteries, an improvement is decreasing the length of time it takes to recharge them. Ars Technica has an article about research being done that enables lithium batteries to be recharged in just two minutes. The research is being done at the University of Illinois, and Ars Technica says the process they are developing lends itself to mass production.