Research: Employees Optimistic But Sense a Lack of Commitment

Results from the second annual APCO Worldwide and Gagen McDonald employee engagement study show high rates of confidence among employees, but a feeling among respondents that their companies aren’t committed to them.

The Employee Confidence Index, which measures optimism, and the Employee Connection Index, which measures loyalty, both yielded high numbers (81.4 and 83.5, respectively). But the Employer Connection Index only resulted in a score of 63.3. The firms offer three reasons for the gap: “the degree to which the executive team supports and lives the company values; authentic, open and honest communication from the executive team; and employees receiving consistent information from all the leaders in the company.”

The firms surveyed 500 full-time workers across the U.S. who have been with their companies for at least one year and work for companies with at least 100 employees. Below is a short clip from APCO Insight SVP Bill Dalbec, discussing trust.

A slideshow for the study is available below.