Research DNA to discover new animals in Doodle Creatures on iOS, Android


Doodle God creator JoyBits has launched the latest game in its popular franchise, Doodle Creatures. The game continues in the franchise’s theme, as players are given a variety of base materials, and can combine these to discover over a hundred different items. In this case, the game focuses on animals, with not all being true-to-life.

In Doodle Creatures, players begin with a cat, hamster, fish and parrot, and start a journey of gene splicing to create fantastic new creatures. However, instead of simply tapping on two animals to combine them, users must scan the DNA of animals to determine their genes, which takes time to complete. For instance, scanning the cat takes 20 seconds and reveals two genes: domestic and furry.

These genes appear on the right side of the screen, and players can combine base animals with genes to mutate them into different things. In our cat example, combining the base cat with the “furry” gene gives users the “Manul,” the “fluffiest…among felines.”

Since gene research takes time to complete, users can spend premium currency to speed up these tasks, or unlock up to eight additional spaces for simultaneous research. Players receive some currency for free to get them started.

As new animals are created, the genes disappear from a player’s inventory, so continuous research must be completed to keep a stock of genes on hand.

Doodle Creatures supports 13 languages at launch, and offers Facebook and Twitter connectivity for sharing results with friends. The game is available to download for $1.99 on iPhone. It’s also available on Google Play for $1.99.

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