Research: Companies Say Crowdsourcing Is Key For CSR Awareness Building

Research from Weber Shandwick’s Social Impact group shows that crowdsourcing and social media have become important tools for raising awareness and engagement in CSR programs. Nearly all respondents (95 percent) to the study thought crowdsourcing was useful for CSR efforts.

Thirty-six percent of respondents thought crowdsourcing was useful for gathering a variety of opinions, 25 percent thought it was a great way to build relationships, and 16 percent thought it brought fresh energy to the process.

The research also found that 72 percent of respondents had used social media to get the word out about their social responsibility efforts. And 59 percent thought it had a positive impact on communication with audiences. Facebook was deemed the most valuable for engaging with consumers (according to 67 percent of respondents) and Twitter came in fourth with 46 percent. Blogs, at 60 percent and LinkedIn with 58 percent were considered more valuable social media tools. FourSquare or other location-based services got 44 percent of the vote.

Weber Shandwick Social Impact research partner KRC Research surveyed 216 executives in Fortune 200 companies between October 6 and October 22, 2010. All execs had some sort of CSR responsibility for their company. Research on why companies invest in CSR was conducted in December.