Research: Adults Now Spending More Time On Mobile Than Print Media

Analysis from eMarketer finds that U.S. adults are now spending more time with their mobile devices than print media. In addition, this group is also spending more time watching TV.

The average U.S. adult spends 65 minutes per day on mobile media and 167 minutes with the Internet, an increase of 30 percent and 7.7 percent respectively versus 2010. And grown-ups in this country are spending 10 minutes more in front of the TV than last year, whether it’s live, DVR’d, or recorded. The average adult spends 274 minutes (about 4 1/2 hours) per day watching television.

People are spending less time with radio, newspapers, and magazines. We’re spending a total of 693 minutes with media of all sorts per day, also an increase from 2010.

For its research, eMarketer analyzed data from a variety of surveys and sources. Click here for more.

[image via Flickr, SamsungTomorrow]