ReQall Rover Location-based Android Assistant

While I can do a lot of things with my smartphone, its main purpose is to make me more productive, which it does by enabling me to access a wealth of information on the Internet. The problem is that I have to seek out that information by loading different apps like Twitter and Google Reader, rather than the phone just presenting relevant information. ReQall Rover is an Android app currently in private beta that collects information from a variety of sources and can present it to you using text-to-speech.

To get an idea of how ReQall Rover works, you can watch a video on YouTube. In the video you see and hear information like the current weather and traffic report for the phone’s location spoken, along with a summary of the person’s email, appointments, and reminders. ReQall Rover integrates with Facebook to provide the latest status updates from our friends.

Another function that I like is ReQall Rover’s email action assistant. It scans through your email messages and identifies action items, which are often in the form of questions in the message. While Gmail’s Priority Inbox is nice, having a filter that automatically identifies the messages that I have to take action on is even more valuable.

While you can find ReQall Rover in the Android Market, and install it to your phone, you need an invite code in order to run it. To request an invite code, submit your email to the beta list. I know that ReQall Rover is one app that I looking forward to trying.