ReputationDefender Releases Tool To Fix Your Privacy Settings

Want to have your Facebook privacy settings automatically configured for you? ReputationDefender, a company which helps individual protect their online identity, has released a new Facebook application called “PrivacyDefender”. The application illustrates Facebook users’ privacy settings in a way that’s similar to Matt McKeon’s original visualization of the history of Facebook privacy settings.

The idea is pretty straight forward: make it easy for Facebook users to control their privacy settings. For those users who aren’t very savvy with managing Facebook privacy settings, this tool could be extremely useful. However as Kim-Mai Cutler points out, there are some temporary flaws with the application. If you have created custom settings for your friend lists, this application won’t work properly.

As illustrated in the image below, it appears as though my information is accessible by everyone, however that’s because I’ve made custom settings for everything within my account. Most users however do not make comprehensive adjustments to their privacy settings, opting instead to make only one or two minor adjustments.

With Facebook’s new privacy settings being rolled out to all users of the site, the company is hoping that the privacy settings are simple enough for all users to understand. However if they are still too complex for users, the new PrivacyDefender application aims to make things even easier. If you want to have an automated system for checking your privacy settings, you can install the PrivacyDefender application here.

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