Republicans To Hold Twitter Debate On July 20th

Log on to Twitter on July 20th, and I bet there will be a few trending topics about the US Republican party throughout the day. They will be holding an online Twitter debate in preparation for the upcoming Presidential elections in 2012.

During the Twitter debate, observers can listen in using or a Twitter dashboard, or they can access for a debate-specific experience.

Currently in beta, will display tweets from the participants, moderators and members of the public who are listening to the debate in separate streams.

As Mashable reports, Adam Green, the founder of the development company which created the debate website, has this to say about the experiment:

“We basically have an online tool that tracks all tweets for a specific account name and hashtag. It takes all those tweets, aggregates them into a database, separates the ones who are the lead speakers and puts them in one stream, and then puts the others in a separate stream.”

Like any good town hall, members of the public can suggest questions for the participants. Simply tweet to the @140townhall account which will be aggregating all of the questions and answers.

Candidates – who will be tweeting for themselves during this debate – will answer questions by tweeting them to the @140townhall account as well, which will keep things organized. Once the debate is over, the website will remain available, displaying candidate statistics and a chronological timeline of the tweets from the debate.

Via Mashable