Republicans Made Better Use Of Facebook In 2010

Facebook's survey of political page fans found that the Republicans have had a stronger showing on social media than Democrats have this year.

Earlier this week, Facebook’s Washington D.C. office asked fans for their take on which political leaders and government agencies best used the site to reach their constituents.

Facebook also asked a few social media experts to offer their take on who used the social media site the most effectively.

The findings: Republicans are quite popular on Facebook. Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, John Thune, Marco Rubio and Scott Brown made the list of top politicians.

Sarah Palin surprised us – we’ve written about her family’s unfavorable escapades on Facebook, but despite that, more than 2.5 million people have “liked” her page which use (or, more likely someone she pays) communicates directly with supporters.

Many also supported Republican Justin Amash, from Michigan, who posted an explanation on Facebook of every vote he cast as a member of the Michigan state legislature. “It will be great to see him bring that to Washington, DC,” one voter said.

The social media experts said the Tea Party movement and Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown had a successful social media year. An expert said Brown’s team had a deep understanding of how to engage with supporters “without being cheesy or boring” and used social media “as a way to keep in touch after the handshake” when meeting voters face-to-face.

Users said that Jan Brewer, Republican governor from Arizona, “did a brilliant job of keeping voters up to date on issues and posting relevant supporting information on her positions, and the U.S. Navy had a banner year because of their “use of interactive questions; its social media team’s regular responses to wall comments by users; and photo contests,” according to Facebook.

At least one important Democrat was mentioned: President Barack Obama was cited for his use of Facebook during his election year. One user wrote: “No one has used it better in 2010 than Obama did in 2008.” (Of course, a former co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, helped the President with his online strategy!)

Did you vote in the Facebook poll? Are you surprised at the findings?