Reporting from the Field (Albeit a Small, Wooden Field)


You’ve seen a lot of links to him lately because, well, once the man moved to New York, he started seeing and doing it all. Michael Surtees has this great report from the inside on a topic we talked about a few weeks back, the World Graphic Design Foosball Championship. A nice big Flickr set too. Go check both out and be sad you didn’t attend. But, hey, judging from the success this year, you’ll probably get a chance to attend in ’07. Here’s some:

Looking at the uniforms or lack there of was also a great time passer. In my opinion Princeton Architectural Press won the award for most innovative use of sign stickers that you could probably buy at Home Depot. Big type was popular too, one guy had a big letter “A” in tennis ball material on his shirt, while another team who I’m guessing were from Los Angeles b/c one guy had a giant “L” and the other had a giant “A” which looked pretty cool when they were standing beside each other. There were track suits, people wearing shorts, pink shirts, striped shirts, and one astronaut uniform worn by no other than Felix Sockwell.