Reporting from Fashion Week 2007

Lance LaBreche and friends

Koury Angelo’s photo instillation, held Rocket Garage’s midtown headquarters on Wednesday night, was so jam packed the party ran out of booze before 8:30 p.m.

”We went through everything, including the 120 beers donated by Paulaner,” Angelo reports. ”We planned on 200 to come through the doors, but I think we had at least 250-300 by the end of the night.”

Sponsored by and Overspray Magazine, Angelo showed off his first solo exhibition, ”Grey,” named such to represent the significance between two extreme colors.

”Life is not just black and white,” Angelo says. ”It’s the grey in between that is most important.”

While guests sipped Ty-Ku cocktails, the artist explained the inspiration behind his collection of unframed photos was born out of necessity.

”Originally, I took photos of my contact sheets so I could have digital pictures to put online for my friends and family at home,” he said, referring to the months he spent studying at the Paris Photographic Institute. ”It progressed to shooting my contact sheets with black and white, 35mm film. This enabled me to have a true negative to print from.”

The natural progression of Angelo’s work encouraged him to seek out an alternative space for his instillation.

”I knew right from the beginning I did not want a typical gallery show,” he says. ”[The work] all happened very organically, so Rocket Garage was the perfect place to show.”

Rocket Garage, a boutique management company founded by former Boss Models agent Lance LaBreche, made waves this season when the popular fashion industry blog Confessions of a Casting Director praised their silk screened model show books, printed on recycled paper.

”Lance and I met a year ago when I was asked to shoot his models,” Angelo says. ”We just meshed really well together. After inviting him to see my piece in the Milk Group show, he approached me about showing my work at the Garage.”

The fotog, who’s already worked for Vogue, Glamour, Revlon, Coach and Lancome, hopes to take his art to Los Angeles to focus on celebrity portraits.

”It would be a dream to shoot Al Pacino,” he says.

For the moment, he will continue to partner with Rocket Garage on upcoming projects.

”Lance has some great ideas in the fashion, music and art scene,” Angelo says. ”I have shot about 7or 8 of his girls from the agency, and will definitely continue to work with him in the future.”

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Stephanie Burton