Reporters to Monitoring Companies: Enough With the Update My Info Emails

Media list and monitoring services always make sure to send journalists emails to update or confirm their contact info.

It is their bread and butter, after all, having the most accurate contact info for the most reporters. Here at PRNewser, we were actually pretty psyched to get an email from one of the monitoring services when we first started, asking for our info so they could add us to their list.

However, some of our more seasoned reporter friends have had different experiences. Here is mediabistro Mobile Content Today editor and PC Magazine contributor Jamie Lendino, on always being hit up by one particular company to update his contact info:

I’ve tried unubscribing several times. I’ve tried writing a personal letter asking to please be taken off the list. In the beginning, I had actually answered his questions in detail. But since then, I get an e-mail once a week–sometimes it’s signed but not even sent from the same address. They never responded to any of my inquiries. But they also won’t stop! Thought you might like to see it, since they should know better…

The offending email, after the jump.

Dear Jamie,

As an Editor for the (publication name redacted), a media relations trade publication, my job is to help ensure that my readers have accurate info about you and send you the best quality pitches. By taking five minutes to answer my questions (pasted below), you’ll receive targeted PR pitches from our client base that will match your beat and interests. Any help or direction is appreciated. Here are my questions.

We have you listed as the following: Jamie Lendino, PC Magazine
Title: Freelance Writer Beat: Computer industry

1. Which specific beats and topic areas do you cover?
2. What do the best PR people do to grab you, to get your attention and make you want to work with them?
3. On the other hand, what are some inappropriate pitches for your type of coverage (i.e., material that PR keeps sending you that you don’t cover or pet peeves you may have about PR people)?
4. Can you briefly tell me about a PR pitch that resulted in a story? What was it about the pitch or PR pro that sparked your interest?

Thanks so much for helping me gather this information.