Reporters Line Up to Quote Katy Perry

This morning we were shocked and disappointed to learn that the NFL’s official press release announcing Katy Perry as the halftime performer for Super Bowl XLIX did not include a single Katy Perry quote.

Others didn’t disappoint, though: Reuters led with “Will Katy Perry be a firework at the Super Bowl? Will she show them what she’s worth? Will she let her colors burst?”

CNN chose “Get ready to hear that voice, hear that sound — like thunder gonna shake the ground.”

For the record, we’ll go with the New York Post“The worst kept secret in the NFL is finally out.” Here’s Perry’s promo video in case you missed it last night:

Three questions:

1) What was crazier, Perry here or Taylor Swift at the AMAs?

2) Will this appearance help sell more Pepsi?

3) Most importantly, who’s paying whom?

This summer, when the NFL announced that it would demand future halftime performers “pay to play,” lots of people in the music world flipped out.

Rumors at the time held that the league invited the managers of top acts like Perry and Coldplay to literally bid against one another in order to win the slot. Perry herself said:

“I’m not the kind of girl who’d pay to play the Super Bowl.”

This is believable, given the public’s willingness to punish the world’s most profitable sports league for its ethically questionable behavior.

But maybe the currency changing hands in this case wasn’t money. Maybe it had something to do with Perry’s guest performers. Maybe it concerned a certain someone with a real talent for getting people super-excited about (almost) nothing

On a side note, we’ve been convinced for a while that Perry doesn’t write any of her own tweets. This one, though: