Reporters & Correspondents Among Forbes’ List of Surprisingly Low-Paying Jobs

Sorry to share some bleak news on a Monday but after we read this piece on Forbes about the most surprising low-paying jobs, we just had to share.

To clarify, by low-paying they’re referring to not only occupations that pay an annual salary less than $50,000. They also allude to jobs which make you turn heads wondering how they got on the list in the first place.

For starters, although reporters and correspondents are in the list with a mean annual income of $43,640, courtesy of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is some good news.

They’re in good company! That is, surrounded by other low paying occupations that are respectful in their own right such as firefighters, marriage and family therapists and surgical technologists.

As for other career paths on the list, they include flight attendants, desktop publishers, models, chefs and head cooks, private investigators and detectives, tax preparers, legislators and embalmers (yes, this one made us squirm, too).

Consider that salary is merely the mean, apparently reporters in Washington D.C. and Massachusetts have an average annual income of $71,450 and $64,080, respectively. As for the bottom end of the spectrum, Montana, Iowa and Idaho take in an average salary of less than $29,500.

Radio and TV announcers also made the list though it’s not uncommon for these folks to do freelance work in addition to other gigs. According to BLS data, their work earns $40,510 each year. Again, it varies on geography since D.C. pulls in $84,220 on average compared to Wyoming, Oklahoma or North Dakota which pay average salaries of $27,740.