Reporters and Flaks Come Together

We stopped by Johnny’s Half Shell Thursday night to celebrate the duo-birthday’s of Senate Republican Conference Communications Director Ryan Loskarn and Doug “I don’t really like to talk about the specifics of my job” Heye. Who was there?

Reporters: Lauren Whittington, Tim Burger, John Stanton, Carl Hulse, Emily Heil, Jackie Kucinich, Erin McPike, Martin Kady, , Patrick O’Connor, Paul Kane, Serafin Gomez, Griff Jenkins, Anne Schroeder Mullins, David Freddoso, David Corn, Heather Smith, Richard Miniter, Adrienne Ross, John Stanton, Dan Reilly. (We missing anyone?)

Flacks: Rob Collins, Chad Scarborough, John Goodwin, Ken Spain, Brian Walsh, Dan Ronayne, Blain Rethmeier, Kevin Madden, Shannon Flaherty, Josh Holmes, Brad Dayspring, Moira Bagley, Ron Bonjean, Sara Rose and Hilary Perry.