Journo Asks: Can I Wear Undies to the Gym?

This week we featured a remark from Politico‘s Roger Simon declaring that he had underwear older than a guy who just turned 30. NRSC Strategist Brad Dayspring was particularly grossed out by this. Well, today we have another underwear situation on our hands.

It’s New York Mag’s D.C. reporter Jonathan Chait, who apparently wants to wear his boxers to the hotel gym because he forgot to pack workout attire.

Chait got a number of surprising pieces of advice, one of which was to double up on his boxers and head to the gym. “Intriguing,” Chait said on Twitter. “Can I get a ruling on this?” Other informal advisors had other words of wisdom for him.

A woman named “Lily” replied to his question, saying, “Only if they make your booty look good.” (Seriously, people, this is daily journalism in 2013.)

Newsweek-Daily Beast Contributor Michael Tomasky had more of a warning than a reaction. He wrote, “I’m gonna to press you on this on teevee later.”

We can hardly wait! (We took the liberty of choosing a more form-fitting option for Chait pictured here.)