Reporter Resurrects Famed Argyle Pants

We never thought we’d see them again after Tammy Haddad‘s sweaty, exclusive garden party in May. But late last night as we were watching Politico Patrick Gavin’s latest Game-Changer feature, there they were: Loud, blue, argyle pants that seriously resemble pajama bottoms.

The interview was Gavin and ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff on the golf course. Unlike Patrick, Jack wore a classy black golf shirt paired with chocolate brown trousers. They called the game a draw, but we’re not so sure.

Midway through the game Patrick wondered if his golf partner liked his pants. “I was thinking of getting a suit like that,” Jack bantered back.

Best question: “What was your takeaway from jail?”

Watch here. Alex Trowbridge filmed and edited the video.