Reporter Killed In Afghanistan

0115dagbladet.jpgCarsten Thomassen, a correspondent for Norweigan newspaper Dagbladet, was among six killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul on Monday.

Terrorists disguised as police officers blew up explosive belts inside the foreigner-frequented Serena Hotel, Afghanistan’s only five-star hotel, at 6pm local time. The United Nations reports that the target was Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store, who was not harmed in the attack.

Thomassen was part of the press corps that accompanied Store to Afghanistan.

News reports indicate that the explosion was loud enough to be heard two miles away from the hotel.

Dagbladet‘s story is in Norweigan only, but rival paper Aftenposten has additional English-language information about Thomassen. Our thoughts go out to his family.

(Image via Dagbladet)