Reporter Fired Over His Own Press Release

Kristopher Brooks published a press release on his Tumblr and blog announcing that he’d been hired as a reporter for the News Journal in Wilmington, D.E. In it, he gave a bio, some info about the staff at the paper, and said he’s starting on April 16.

Brooks’ press release quickly became “old news” because he was fired yesterday afternoon “for improper use of the newspaper’s logo on his personal sites,” reports.

Brooks told Romenesko that, as a fan of the NBA, he noticed that teams frequently send releases about new players and thought it must be because the teams are proud of who’s on the team. (PR firms presumably do the same thing for the same reason.) Since news organizations normally don’t do that unless it’s a big get, Brooks decided to make the announcement on his own.

It’s absurd to fire a qualified reporter over something like this. They could’ve just asked the guy to take the offending logo off the release if it’s that big of a deal. But then again, I guess that’s why “newspaper reporter” landed on the list of worst jobs.