Reporter Digs Up Dirt on Cory Booker, Risks Safety in Process

Investigative reporter Charles Johnson, who contributes to The Daily Caller, says he put his safety at risk to land a story and video on U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker, who hopes to occupy the New Jersey seat come Wednesday in a special election.

The story asserts that Booker has never lived in Newark.

“WHERE’S CORY?” the headline asks.

Johnson, in an email blast to those who receive his stories, wrote, “Dear friends, This past week I went to Newark for the day and interviewed a number of people on camera about Mayor Cory Booker. It wasn’t the safest thing I’ve done lately but it was a lot of fun.”

What was unsafe about it? We asked. “We were repeatedly asked why two white guys were in the ghetto,” Johnson told FishbowLDC. “We went everywhere in Newark including up to crack addicts and gang members to try to find Zina Hodge, the woman Booker claims to have rescued from a fire.” What’s more, he added, “There was a carjacking right where we just were at 2 pm.”

The video, comprised of interviews with Booker’s “neighbors,” was shot by filmmaker Joel Gilbert.

The Booker campaign did not respond to Johnson’s requests for comment.