Reporter Confronts Bird on Metro Platform

Friday saw a flurry of sticky sweet animal stories from a few D.C news publications. After reading around, we had to make sure we weren’t repeatedly stumbling on by accident.

WaPo ran a story about George Mason hosting “Puppy Day” to ease the stress of law students around exam time. They used the phrase “cuddly puppies” in the headline. Gag.

The Daily Caller went with a simple four-paragraph AP story about a lost bull named Waldo wandering around Connecticut. Someone at the Caller actually saw this story on the wire and consciously chose it for the site.

But by far, the worst of the worst offense came from The editors there must have been salivating over this one. While commuting on the  Metro, transportation reporter John Hendel saw a bird on the Rosslyn platform. He snapped a fuzzy photo of it and TBD-brand news was born. From Hendel’s sonnet-like article:

“How did the bird descend into the depths of this Metro station? I imagined it must have flown down the escalator shaft … but this was Rosslyn. Its escalators are some of the longest in town, and this bird and I were deep under the Earth. We were about 100 feet below street level just then, 1 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon.”

How did the bird descend into the depths of the station? It’s a BIRD. So perhaps — and this is just a wild guess here — it flew.