Report: Twitter Channel Marketers Are Content Amplifiers

Channel marketers share content from their own branded websites, blogs and communities, but 7-in-10 retweet rather than sharing original content.

Social media has given consumers more control over when, where and how they interact with branded content. In today’s omnichannel environment, marketers have to forge partnerships that enable them to build customer relationships based on trust and authenticity. Social media has become a primary channel for building these relationships with consumers on their own terms.

Leadtail teamed up with channel marketing solutions provider Elastic Grid to identify 368 channel marketers on Twitter and analyzed more than 40,000 tweets to uncover social insights about how channel marketers influencer their businesses, manage partner relationships and deliver solutions to clients.


According to the report, channel marketers talk most frequently about big data and related topics. Sharing content from a branded website, blog or partner community was an important part of their social activity, as was amplifying or curating content, rather than creating original content. In fact, 70 percent of the tweets analyzed for this report were retweets.


The biggest cross-pollination of content was from YouTube and LinkedIn: with 52 percent and 33 percent sharing to Twitter from each network, respectively. By comparison, a relatively small percentage shared from Instagram, and even fewer shared content from Facebook to Twitter.


When it came to the publications that channel marketers share the most, many of the usual suspects in technology and business content made the list, including Forbes, Business Insider, Mashable and TechCrunch.

Finally, the report provides a list of 50 channel marketing pros with which to connect on Twitter, noting:

There is a genuine opportunity for channel marketers to establish thought leadership and peer influence within their own community. For example, by developing and sharing innovative ways to build powerful partner networks in a global, digital, mobile world.

For more data and the full list of channel marketing influencers, download the full report.

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