Report To (and From) This Year’s NeoCon Immediately

NeoCon is coming! The biggest design show in the Midwest comes just once per year and reminds us that, besides our winning smiles and unparalleled architecture, Chicago isn’t just fly-over country. Or at least it’s worth stopping in between June 15th to the 17th, when NeoCon storms the Merchandise Mart. And following our “coverage of coverage” from last year, where we said we were particularly impressed with 3rings/Designer Pages‘ numerous feet-on-the-ground reports throughout the annual event, they’re planning to do it again, but up the ante by grabbing as many as twenty five writers to file for them as the event unfolds. Granted, they’re largely unpaid positions (some gift certificates and potential giveaways are the promises), which some may take issue with, but if you’re going to be there anyway and want to share what you’re seeing, it seems like as good a gig as any. Here’s a bit:

As the social media partner of NeoCon we have put together a campaign that is designed to maximize attention for the show. The #NeoCon09 campaign puts the news right into the hands of the Citizen Journalist. We are enabling this cadre of thoughtful, smart and engaged Citizen Journalists to share content in real time. And, for the first time, design enthusiasts from any part of the world will be able to feel the excitement and reality of NeoCon, as it is happening. Citizen Journalist applications are being accepted through June 7, 2009.