Report: Social Influence Accounts for 25 Percent of Game Spending [Infographic]

Ninja Metrics analyzed over 365 million players to determine how their Social Value influences spending.

Global Social Value

Ninja Metrics, a predictive analytics company, has released its Global Social Value report for 2015, which contains insights into the world’s most influential mobile gamers. The report analyzed over 365 million players across 250 countries and regions, and found iOS gamers are worth 1.5 to 2 times more in terms of revenue and average revenue per user (ARPU) than Android players. However, Android gamers are 15 percent more likely to become influential, meaning they cause other players in their network to spend more time and money in games.

Ninja Metrics’ findings are based on its Social Value metric, which measures the monetary value of player influence. This Social Value, or player influence, accounts for an average of 25 percent of all game spending, with this number greatly impacted by the genre of the game. For instance, the report found Social Value accounts for 60 percent of total revenue in MMOs, and 28 percent in social mobile titles. Single-player mobile games, or those lacking a social component, only see six percent of their revenue associated with Social Value.

Geography also plays a huge role in the influence of players, with middle income countries having the largest Social Value, and therefore influence, at 48 percent of the total. Low income or developing countries have the second highest rate, at 33 percent, while high income, developed countries have the lowest Social Value, at 19 percent.

In a statement, Dmitri Williams, CEO and co-founder of Ninja Metrics, commented on the report:

This report confirms what many people have suspected, but has never been proven by hard data: The age of consumer to consumer marketing is here. Across the board, we’re seeing massive amounts of money being generated solely by players influencing each other to spend. Now that we’re actively measuring this phenomenon in games, Ninja Metrics is also moving into different industries to see how social connections translate to monetary values.

Check out an infographic with more stats from the report below.

Social Value Report 2015