Report shows key differences in what Facebook users do after they click ads on mobile versus desktop

Facebook users are more likely to Like or comment on a page post after clicking on a mobile Sponsored Story than users who click on a desktop ad, according to a report by Facebook ad optimization company AdParlor.

Specifically, users coming from mobile ads comment 22 percent more and Like posts 63 percent more than users who come from desktop ads. Users who clicked on desktop ads, however, generate 6 to 8 times as much engagement when it comes to making Wall posts, clicking links, playing videos and viewing photos.The ease of taking these different actions on desktop versus mobile is likely the main reason for the differences. Loading photos, videos and webpages is particularly slow within the Facebook app. Liking and commenting is relatively quick. Wall posts are likely more common on desktop than mobile since making a post on mobile requires an extra click to pull up the publisher.

This post-click engagement is now possible to track since Facebook changed its ad reporting in April to include a wider set of actions beyond Likes and app installs. The new conversion spec tracking through the Ads API could change the way advertisers optimize their ads and judge the value of their campaigns, but this is the first public report we’ve seen that explores what users do after they click Facebook ads.

AdParlor also looked at the difference in costs and clickthroughs on mobile versus desktop ads, as well as differences among business verticals. The full report is available here.