Report Says Authors, Writers & Editors Among Top Telecommuting Careers

As per The American Community Survey as posted by The Conference Board, the percent of full-time employees who work from home continues to rise.

Among 24 occupations where telecommuting is the bread and butter, authors, writers, editors, technical writers and proofreaders rounded out the list.

Researchers grouped the occupations within three categories: Traveling salesman, tech expert and “the recluse.” Guess which one journalism fell into?

Whether it’s at home or at a coffee shop, overall per the report they’re the definition of telecommuting. Work may be shared electronically so it’s not mandatory to be in a brick and mortar cubicle. Granted, we’re not saying all jobs are telecommuting as many reporters in a newsroom will likely beg to differ.

Plus, as tech-based applications such as real-time video conferencing and cloud services become more prevalent during the work day, the number of telecommuters seemingly will increase and continue the trend.