Report: Pinterest Links to Branded Content Shared Get More Shares

Users share branded links to Pinterest content 1.5X more frequently than general branded content from around the web.

Pinterest has become a major hub for brands that want to connect with consumers who love to share content. Indeed, users engage and interact with branded content frequently on Pinterest. A report from Networked Insights examines how Pinterest users share and discuss branded content on the network.

Networked Insights analyzed approximately 10 million social shares across the web that linked to Pinterest, including 400,000 posts about accessories, 220,000 posts about about beverages, and 175,000 posts about consumer electronics.

Interestingly, users share branded links to Pinterest content 1.5 times more frequently than general branded content from around the web, possibly due to Pinterest’s visual nature. Verizon, Campbell’s soup, and Ford were among the top performing brands in terms of Pinterest shares.


According to the study, moms are highly represented on Pinterest and over-index in many categories and topics. For example, moms shared 6 times the amount of home and garden content, 5 times the amount of fashion and style content, and 4 times the amount of food and drink content. When it comes to specific topics, moms shared crochet content at 37 times the rate of average Pinterest user.

Verizon noted the trends within the mom demographic, and tailored their marketing to capitalize on the category and topic interest. Moms were more like to share posts about accessories, baking, telephony, and children. Verizon shaped their strategy by sharing 42 percent tech accessory posts, 25 percent holiday tech and DIY content, and 24 percent cooking/tech ads.


As a result, Verizon captured 82 percent of Moms’ technology brand conversation and 19 percent of all moms’ brand conversations. 42 percent of moms’ posts about Verizon related to technology and gadgets, showing just how influential Pinterest content can be in steering the marketing conversation.

Download the full Pinterest audience insight report from Networked Insights here.