Report: No iPad 3 in 2011

New panel display is causing delays

Apple's new product launches haven't gone too smoothly this year. First, the iPhone’s usual next-gen summer release was pushed back to fall, and now it looks like we won’t be getting an iPad 3 until 2012.

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple recently canceled its iPad 3 supply schedule for the second half of 2011, when the tablet was scheduled to be released. Sources said that Apple's supply chain partners recently discovered that the 2011 figures have all been deleted. Now, other tablet makers are being forced to delay the launches of their own new products in order to compete with Apple.

The sources said that the iPad’s retina display—the same high-resolution panel display currently being used in the iPhone 4—could be the reason for the delay. The panels are mainly supplied by Japan-based Sharp, but at a high price, and Apple’s other partners Samsung and LG aren’t producing the displays quickly enough.

The panel itself is also difficult to manufacture. The 9.7-inch panel requires a much larger backlight source than a single-edge light bar, and the new iPad’s thinness is making it hard to create enough rich color support in the display, causing even more delays in the tablet’s launch.