Report: National Geographic Is the No. 1 Brand on Social Media

According to the Q3 data from Shareablee, National Geographic has nearly 5 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The story of the growth in Internet use in recent years has been the story of video and social networks. Video content has become core to social consumption among certain demographics, so playing to the audience desire for video content is essential.

New data from Shareablee, shows which publishers fared best on social during Q3, and the impact of wider video adoption.

Shareablee analyzed 19.8 billion total social actions — likes, shares, comments, retweets, favourites — across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from July 1 to Sept. 30.

Overall growth compared to the same period last year was 24 percent, boosted primarily by a 58 percent increase in social video posts.

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The No. 1 social brand across all platforms was National Geographic with more than 482.5 million social actions across all platforms surveyed, and the largest individual share of Instagram followers, at more than 80 million. However, National Geographic only saw a two percent growth in video engagement.

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Two BuzzFeed properties — BuzzFeed Video and BuzzFeed Food — made their way into the top 25 list due to the video boom. 78 percent of BuzzFeed video’s social engagement came from video, naturally, as did 73 percent of BuzzFeed food’s engagement. While no other brand could rival this kind of engagement, many well respected brands generated more than 10 percent of their total engagement from video content.

Sports brands, which often generate big engagement, took up several spots in the top 5 for each individual site. WWE generated the second most actions on Facebook, behind only Fox News. NFL and ESPN were second and third on Twitter, and content from the NFL, NBA, and MLB generated more than 240.5 million interactions on Instagram.

Social video is both the present and the future when it comes to engagement, and marketing online. While producing high-quality video can be a challenge for companies with smaller budgets, there are new tools available to enable small-businesses and entrepreneurs to capitalize on the power of video.

Check out Shareablee’s top 25 brands on social below.

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