Report: Mobile Music Set to Soar Worldwide

iTunesWi-Fi.jpgA new study from a UK-based research firm says that music delivered to mobile phones through carrier networks will increase to 30 percent by 2011, Macworld reports.

The study said that currently, mobile music accounts for about 13 percent of the retail value of music worldwide. When it increases to 30 percent in three years, it will represent about $11 billion, a staggering amount given the slow pace of wireless music download adoption here in the U.S.

“Looking to emerging markets, mobile could become the number one platform for music, where packaged CDs haven’t gained traction due to piracy and lack of hardware ownership,” said Understanding & Solutions Consultant, David Sidebottom, in the article.

Study: Mobile to account for 30% of music value by 2011 [Macworld]