Report: LinkedIn and StumbleUpon Referrals Drive Highest Order Values

A report from AddShoppers explores the impact of personalization, social logins, targeting and influence on the growth of social commerce.

Social commerce is a small but growing part of e-commerce that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. 

AddShoppers analyzed data from 495 million shoppers, more than 10,000 stores, and 3.4 billion page views and uncovered some insights on personalization, influence and the impact of social media on e-commerce.

The average social influencer in 2015 was female, aged 25-34, and shared primarily via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and email. She shared an average of five times per month, and she used Facebook’s social login while making purchases.

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Overall, Facebook is the social login service of choice for users, with 57 percent logging in through Facebook. 33 percent chose Google, and five percent opted for Linkedin. On average, 20 percent of people use social logins rather than signing up for new accounts but this varies widely: in some cases as few as 5 percent of users, or as many as 40 percent, used social logins for authentication.

Facebook also dominated when it came to referral traffic. However, LinkedIn rose to the top of the list as the network that results in the highest average order value, followed by StumbleUpon. Polyvore and Pinterest, which were among the most spendy networks in 2014, slipped down the list below Facebook and Twitter.

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Personalization is becoming increasingly important and marketers took on this new challenge last year, with promising results. Targeting messages based on referral source had a 29 percent higher conversion rate. Additionally, personalization can bring a 617 percent increase in email captures, and an almost 10 percent increase in conversion rate to sale.

Check out the full report for more data on spending per network, engagement rates, or the power of retargeting on your campaign.

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