Report: Indians Spend 169 Minutes Per Day on Smartphones

A report by Vserv measured the usage patterns of six types of Indian smartphone users.

Vserv, a smart data platform for mobile marketing and commerce, has released its Smartphone User Persona Report, or SUPR, for 2015, measuring the mobile usage of Indian smartphone users. The report’s findings are based on a study by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, with the SUPR segmenting consumers into different user ‘personas’ relating to their usage patterns.

The report identified six major smartphone user personas: App Junkies, Social Stars, Conversationalists, Entertainment Buffs, Utilitarians and Dabblers. According to the study, smartphone users, on average, spend 169 minutes each day on their devices, with the persona greatly impacting this usage.

For instance, 24 percent of Indian smartphone users are considered App Junkies, with each spending an average of 160 minutes on their devices each day. These users account for the highest number of app and game downloads and installs each month, at 18.5.

Social Stars, meanwhile, account for 20 percent of India’s smartphone user base, and spend over two hours per day on social networking and chat apps. These users are typically female, single and between 18 and 24 years old. When compared to App Junkies, these Social Stars download far fewer apps each month, at just 4.7, but they spend considerably more time on their devices each day, at 263 minutes, on average.

In a statement, Pranab Punj, associate vice president of global marketing at Vserv, commented:

Today, it is imperative for marketers to move beyond demographic data and embrace smart data-based targeting to stay ahead in the game. Marketers need to formulate their strategies focused on user personas and their intent. This report based on a study conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights provides pertinent insights on Indian smartphone users. This will equip marketers to target the right audience and formulate tighter marketing strategies that yield better results.

The SUPR was based on usage data from over 12,000 smartphone users in India over a period of three months. Check out the infographic below for a breakdown of the other user personas. The full report is available here.

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Smartphone User Persona Report