Report: Hulu’s Much-Hyped IPO on Hold?

One of the more anticipated media stories of 2011 may not be happening after all. It seems that Hulu’s much-hyped IPO may be on hold.

According to, a Hulu IPO is no longer imminent, as the video site may seek alternative financing.

Up until recently, Hulu—a joint venture among NBC Universal, News Corp. and Disney—was said to be prepping for a potential $2 billion cash infusion from an IPO. Many in the industry had speculated that such a financing maneuver would be necessary given the increased cost of network programming for digital platforms.

Yet there has also been constant speculation that the partnerships behind Hulu could dissolve, particularly once Comcast takes control of NBCU. It’s possible that uncertainty over Comcast’s faith in Hulu could be leading the various players to rethink the IPO.

According to, to drive up revenue, Hulu is also looking to expand the number of subscription plans it offers. The company recently rolled out Hulu Plus, which offers access to full seasons of certain networks’ shows, for $7.99 per month.