Report: Google Play Downloads 85 Percent Higher Than iOS

App Annie has released its latest index, measuring worldwide downloads and revenue on iOS and Google Play.

Mobile app intelligence platform App Annie has released its Market Q2 2015 index, measuring downloads and revenue across iOS and Android devices worldwide. The quarter saw Google Play extend its lead over iOS in terms of worldwide downloads, with Google Play’s downloads being approximately 85 percent higher than iOS App Store downloads. This is an increase from the 70 percent difference in Q1 2015.

App Annie attributes this change to increased smartphone ownership in emerging markets, and the availability of affordable Android devices. However, worldwide revenue for Q2 2015 still heavily favors iOS, with iOS App Store revenue about 70 percent higher than Google Play’s for the quarter.

In terms of app usage, social networking apps had the highest usage on iOS in the U.S. for the quarter, while entertainment apps had the highest session duration. On Google Play in the U.S., social and entertainment apps led for total usage and session duration, respectively.

Video streaming apps specifically had a great quarter, with HBO Now and Hulu leading revenue growth in the U.S., and apps for Youku, iQIYI and Tencent Video dominating the top five spots for monthly active users in iOS entertainment apps in China.

App Annie Index_ Market Q2 2015

The report reads:

China’s video streaming apps certainly seem to be in position to catalyze cord-cutting. With smartphones and tablets quickly becoming the primary consumption devices for younger demographics, they could even spawn an entire generation of cord-skippers.

China led the quarter for overall downloads on iOS in Q2 2015, ahead of the U.S., Japan, U.K. and Russia, while the U.S. topped the iOS chart for revenue. China came in third for iOS revenue for the quarter.

On Google Play, the U.S. topped the downloads chart, beating Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico. In terms of Google Play revenue, Japan leads the United States, which was in second for the quarter. Finally, games led all other categories for both downloads and revenue on iOS and Google Play.

The full report is available via App Annie’s website.