Report: Gamers More Active on Twitter, Reddit Than Average User

A report from ShareThis has measured the social sharing habits of gamers.

ShareThis, which measures sharing and influence across the Web, has released its newest report, measuring the digital sharing and consumption habits of gamers. For its report, ShareThis monitored the online browsing and social patterns of 13 million U.S. users, collecting 156 billion social signals related to video games each month.

The report found 27 percent of gamers share video game related content on their social networks, with these users averaging three gaming-related shares per week. In terms of specific social networks, gamers are 3x as active on Twitter and twice as active on Reddit than the general population.

ShareThis compared third party purchase data with this social data to determine the ‘Social Purchase Lift,’ which measures the impact social sharing has on a user’s actual purchase decisions. The study found sharing has a large impact on purchase decisions, with gamers being 1.6x more likely overall to purchase what they share about.

Breaking down engagement rate by console, Nintendo gamers were found to be the most engaged, with 39 percent of Nintendo gamers sharing video gaming content. PC gamers followed at 36 percent of gamers. These PC gamers, however, led the way for enthusiasm, as they share 3.2x more about PC gaming than the average user.

Check out the infographic below for more stats.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.