REPORT: Facebook Strategy Games Top 80 Million Users

Strategy game players bring in more revenue per user than other genres on Facebook.

The rapid growth of Zynga’s Empires and Allies to 50 million players within a month of launching highlights the strength of a fast-rising genre of Facebook games: strategy.

Broadly defined, strategy refers to combat and resource-management games with military themes and conceits, generally played on a map-like field.

They have long been the province of hardcore gamers — predominantly competitive males in their 20s to 40s who are perhaps best represented by PC game hits such as the Starcraft, Command and Conquer, and Civilization franchises.

Since the launch of last year’s Backyard Monsters, strategy games have amassed an extremely large aggregate user base, reportedly earning average revenue per user rates (ARPU) that are typically larger than other Facebook games.

Sizing The Market

SocialTimes Pro estimates that the strategy game market on Facebook represents at least 80 million monthly active users. According to, the most popular strategy games on the social network are (listed by title, company, monthly active users and daily active users):

  1. Empires and Allies, Zynga, 52 million, 7.4 million
  2. Army Attack, Digital Chocolate, 5.3 million, 634,000
  3. Backyard Monsters, Kixeye, 3.9 million, 931,000
  4. Dragons of Atlantis, Kabam, 3.8 million, 497,000
  5. Global Warfare, Kabam, 2.8 million, 279,000
  6. Galaxy Online II, IGG Inc.2, 2.4 million, 210,000
  7. Social Empires, SocialPoint, 2.3 million, 229,000
  8. Kingdoms of Camelot, Kabam, 1.5 million, 355,000
  9. Glory of Rome, Kabam, 1.49 million, 153,000
  10. City Wars, FunStar Studios, 1.3 million, .88,000
  11. Battle Pirates, Kixeye, 965,000,