What features are most important for mobile commerce apps?

According to a study, 57 percent of shoppers use their mobile devices to search for information while out shopping. This statistic shows how important it is for businesses to provide mobile components for their customers either through mobile apps or mobile experiences. The same study provided some significant insight on what type of features are most important to consumers in mobile apps.

According to the Mobile Commerce Compendium, a report put out by Econsultancy, 38 percent of consumers want to be offered exclusive offers after downloading a retail app. Another 32 percent would like to be able to make purchases within the app and 30 percent would like a loyalty program embedded within the app. Other popular features that users expect include a store locator component at 26 percent, a reserve-and-collect feature at 21 percent and a barcode scanner at 20 percent.

Though exclusive deals are a sought after feature for mobile apps, Econsultancy was quick to warn developers to beware of seemingly providing mobile app users preferential treatment compared to desktop users. It also highly endorsed the ability to use the app for a loyalty program, adding that it is a good singular component for apps that have limited functionality.

Mobile apps are put in place to empower consumers in their shopping habits. Of the 57 percent of people using mobile devices while shopping, 63 percent use it to compare prices among retailers. Providing a robust feature set can help to ensure optimal experience for potential customers. As consumers are getting smarter, it is becoming increasingly important to continuously provide more options for users.

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